The Magazine


  • Pedro Geraldo Bianco Jr.
  • Carmem Silvia Lobos (in memoriam)

Conceived as a university project, Dançar magazine became reality in June, 1982 and made history as the first Latin American periodical to dedicate itself especially to dance.

The magazine remained for 10 years in activity publishing opinions, critics and profiles of influential personalities of the dance world. During this time, more than 2 million copies were produced, with more than 10,000 subscribers and distribution throughout Brazil, Latin America, USA and Europe.

With a commitment to disseminate dance and its aspects, Dançar created an exchange between the main centers of arts in Brazil and places with lack of information, making possible the accessibility and transforming the cultural scene.

It also played an important role in enabling great meetings among dance professionals from several parts of the country, including: Festival de Joinville, Encontro Nacional de Dança, Oficina Contemporânea da Bahia and Ciclo de Dança de Recife, as well as to promote memorable tours of international companies, such as Bolshoi Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet and Momix Group, among stable bodies and independent Brazilian groups.

In 2015, Dançar returns as a web portal showing its rich collection, complete coverage of the fascinating years of dance between 1982 and 1992, and its know-how to boost, contribute, cover and foster the current dance scene.